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100 Jears of Emmaus

Gotthilf Haug and Jakob Schelker founded the Swiss Diaconia Association in 1906 in Zurich. The aim of this association was to combat social and spiritual distress in the neighborhood of the lower working class in Zurich, in district 4.

The young community of brothers, sisters, and celibate deacons of the Diaconia House of St. Stephen wished to provide comprehensive service to individuals and churches.

For the members, assisting the poor and the sick was an expression of love for God and neighbor, an evangelization without words, and the building of the kingdom of God on earth. With the same spirit, in 1918, the property "Eden" in Ascona was purchased, where shortly after an orphanage was established. In the same year, the Diaconia Association purchased from the Vester family the only uninhabited house in the Migiome neighborhood in Losone, called "Villino Emmaus" by Hermann, the head of the family. Initially, the property operated as a farm with guest rooms. In 1920, a Sunday school was established.

Additional properties and land in Ronco, Arcegno, and Locarno-Monti were gradually acquired.

In 1931, the "Casa Rappen" in Locarno was transformed into a deaconess house, accommodating up to 19 elderly residents. In 2002, this small nursing home, now called "Casa Canfora," had to close.

In 1941, land was acquired on Via Locarno in Losone for the Peace and Hospice houses, which also included guest rooms. At that time, in addition to families, several nuns were also part of the community. It became a place of coexistence with God and people. Around 1970, the last cow was sold, and Casa Emmaus definitively became a guesthouse.

From here, diaconal services and the annual celebration of the Kingdom of God have always been offered, which has made it famous beyond the borders of the region.

Starting in 2019, Casa Emmaus transformed into Parkhotel Emmaus, managed by Marcel Krähenmann, who is also the director of the Boutique-Hotel La Rocca**** in Ronco above Ascona.

Since 2023, with the addition of the Nessi Hotel*** in Locarno, a third hotel joins the company under the leadership of "La Rocca Living Hotel Group" with the support of a competent and professional team.

During your entire stay, travel for free throughout Ticino, take advantage of discounts and discover the region.

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